Monday, September 26, 2011

"It is right and just!" Why are too many Boston priests hesitating over the new Roman Missal?

It is right and just, of course to give thanks to the Lord our God.

It is also right and just to teach the folks in the pews the long awaited prayers of the Mass which are scheduled to begin, for English speaking congregations, on the First Sunday of Advent.

I am not to begin to be an "apologetic" for the changes in the Missal. They're great and long overdue.

What I'm wondering is simple: when the bleep are priests, in my Archdiocese anyway, going to help us get used to it? When Advent comes? After that? Next year? What?

I live in Boston.

Which is often called the "Hub of the Universe." It's also one of the largest center of Catholics in the United States.

Yet, I've still not heard one iota about "The New Missal" (and by the way, I'm starting to despise that term) from the churches and chapels I attend, which include The Cathedral of the Holy Cross, Saint Francis Chapel, and the chapel at Massachusetts General Hospital (and it is only my good angel who is preventing me from linking to all).

There are some exceptions, I'm sure. I've found one. Our Lady of Victories Parish, in the South End, blessedly, is offering parishioners not just the new responses, but the Scriptural reasons behind the new and beautiful words.

But what I've heard from priests I know, when asked about the lack of education to the folks in the pews? Well, here's a sprinkling:

"New Missal?"

The Archdiocese should take care of this.

We're busy with other important things.

This last one makes me cry. What in God's world could be more important than the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass? What?

Come on, Fathers. Help us out here. It is right and just.