Thursday, February 28, 2013

"Humility" (a poem my mom wrote)

Humility—where has it gone
Has indifference taken its place?
Love—do we use the word so lightly
To fill an empty space?

Have our hearts become so hardened
And our eyes become so blurred,
That the cry of help around us
Is merely just a word?

Do we turn our backs to sorrow
Because we do not care,
Do we live first for tomorrow
Have we no time to spare
For the homeless and the hungry
For the child who weeps alone,
Have we become so worldly
That our hearts are made of stone?

Do the thoughts of war depress us?
Do we run away and hide?
Can we find a safer refuge
From the war we have inside?

Do we light a single candle
For the man who has much less,
Or are we far too much concerned
For our own happiness?

Do we turn our thoughts to Heaven
Only in times of need
Do we ask just for ourselves
Are we such a special breed?

Humility—where has it gone
Indifference has taken its place...
Love: we use the word so lightly,
To fill an empty space!

Marie Kelly