Friday, April 12, 2013

I'm sorry, pro-choice people...

...but it's high time you looked into the mirror.

Believe me, I was once like you. I truly believed in the slogan "a woman's right to choose." It really did appall me that I wasn't given the choice to do whatever I wanted to do with "my own" body.

But you know? I always tried to see the other side. I distinctly remember saying to my equally pro-choice husband: "Gee. If I really thought that a fetus was a human being, I'd feel as outraged as they are. But of course, it's not, right?"

I was wrong. And surely, surely, at this point? You know the truth.

That fetus is a human being. We all know that now. We, whether we choose to admit it or not, realize that abortion is simply another name for killing.

And if we don't admit it, that's our choice. We can choose to be stupid.

Or we can suck it up and face the truth.

You still have the right to choose. Is this truly what you choose? Is this anything about "women's rights?"