Friday, December 13, 2013

I met Jesus today, just outside the CVS

As I was leaving the CVS this evening, a lady approached me, asking for any spare change. I rooted through my pockets, only to remember that I'd forgotten to fill them with quarters, as I usually do for instances just like this one.

I profusely tried to apologize to the lady, telling her that I usually had some money, but had forgotten, please forgive me, could I get something for her with my charge card in the store…babbling, really.

She stopped me cold.

"Well, God bless you, honey, and stop the damn apologizing! You care, and that's enough for me. Merry Christmas, child!"

I…well, I couldn't help myself. I threw myself into her arms and hugged her almost as tightly as she hugged me. Embarrassed, I caught myself -- or so I thought -- and tried to apologize again."

"Hush, now, baby. Go on, get home, it's cold out here!" (It was. It's freezing here tonight.)

As I rushed off, I heard her say to -- who? God? A friend? Or is there no difference? --

"Damn. That hug was LOVE! I needed that more than I needed any money. God bless her."

Trudging home, I realized I'd met Jesus. Thank you, my Best Friend!