Sunday, January 12, 2014

"Deathbed Conversions" by Karen Edmisten (hint: READ IT!!!)

My confessor recommended this book to me. No, no, not as a penance! But as a terrific favor. I ordered it last Monday, received it on Friday, and finished it on Saturday. Although I'm not sure I'm finished with it yet…it's one of those books one wants to keep going back to.

Subtitled "Finding Faith at the Finish Line," Karen Edmisten's book made me want to throw a party. Perhaps an odd reaction to a book with the word "deathbed" in the title, but all the same.

It's a little book…you can read it in a few hours…

But if you're like me (yikes! If you are, say an Ave, and quickly!)…

...Ahem. If you and I share similar traits? You will want to put this book down. Why? Because you don't want it to end!

Despite Edmisten's claim (and of course I believe her) that the book was not as easy to write as she'd expected, I get the distinct impression that she had an absolute blast during the undertaking. I know I had a ball reading it!

Dutch Schultz. John Wayne. Gary Cooper. Oscar Wilde, for Heaven's sake!

Yep. All of 'em converted to Catholicism…just before entering their final reward.

How bleeping cool is that!

Want to know how cool it is? Read the book!

You'll discover a healthily brief bit about the lives of "finish line converts" but you'll learn even something more valuable…how to be really and effectively be a soldier for Christ. How to be one of those people who helps bring that atheist you love so much…that spouse or niece or child or friend who hates religion…that stranger you pass in the street…how to help do for them what we're supposed to do for each other: make the path into the Kingdom of God bright and well-lit.

Edmisten's own conversion story, tucked into the forward titled "Don't Ever Give Up," should be required reading for any aspiring evangelist. Part of her dedication says so much, in so few words:

"With deepest gratitude to everyone who ever uttered a prayer for me…"

I could go on but I'd be sorely tempted to add spoilers and I don't want to do that. I want you to read the book. And I pray that you and I do what the people associated with the converts in this book do: help each other into Heaven.

Thank you, Karen Edmisten, for a really, really good read! Well played. Very well played.

Deathbed Conversions: Finding Faith at the Finish Line, by Kristen Edmisten
Published by Our Sunday Visitor
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