Tuesday, September 19, 2006

"Unborn Jesus Our Hope"

Once upon a time I was arrested and jailed -- like so many others -- for attempting to rescue babies from the horror of "termination." Forty eight hours later I was charged with trespassing and let go by a sympathetic judge. Since then I reluctantly admit that, to my shame, the cost of fighting the pro-life fight was a wearisome one. The exhilaration of that rescue attempt slowly but inexorably began to be replaced by a feeling of helplessness. Abortion figures grew and grew. Pro-life politicians began the trip of the dinosaur...as did pro-life Catholics! The pro-life movement, to my mind, became nothing more nor less than a futile exercise in picketing, "debates," and baby showers. Don't get me wrong...I've remained active in the battle (albeit far less than many!) but the spark was difficult to maintain.

I recently read this amazing paragraph:

By coming into the world as a little unborn baby, and living that existence for nine months, Jesus sanctified the unborn state and the relationship between the unborn child and his parents, particularly the relationship with his mother. Day after day, month by month Jesus was nothing but an insignificant unborn baby. He chose this restricted unborn life to show the depths of God's love for us. Perhaps the world can not unerstand nor appreciate it, but we Christians must!

This is but one gem from an amazing book called "Unborn Jesus Our Hope." Aptly titled, the volume offers a "jump start" for those of us who, humanly enough, flag in the fight for the unborn in the face of the Culture of Death surrounding us.
"Unborn Jesus Our Hope" offers just that...hope. Within its pages we hear -- actually hear! -- the words of Jesus in Mary's womb throughout the Bible: the very Word of God. From God, who willed Himself into the helplessness of a babe in the womb we receive encouragement, life, and -- despite a world of contradiction surrounding us -- hope. Hope from the Babe in Utero.

It's one of those books you can read from cover to cover -- or open at random -- and discover a, perhaps once known but somehow forgotten reason for hope. And for joy!
And, among many other gifts, a way to claim real hope from a simple Ave Maria.

While written from a Catholic perspective, the book is richly rewarding to all Christian readers.
I thank writer George A. Peate for writing this book and his wife, Michele, for sending it to me. And I urge you to, if not purchase it (it's cheap!) to at least visit the sponsor website here and learn more about it.

At Christmas, we sing in praise of "The Newborn King." At Easter, we proclaim "Our Risen Savior." And during Lent, we offer supplications "In the Name of Christ Crucified."
Right now, and always, I ask Our Father to bless you, in the Name of the Unborn Christ Child. Thank you!