Thursday, April 19, 2007

In honor of the Pope's anniversary...

...I decided to celebrate my birthday.

I did this by going to Mass: a friend drove me.

The thing is, except for Easter and last Sunday, I've been home/office-bound. Why?

Because I idiotically slammed my leg into a 2 x 4 on Easter afternoon, thereby gaining myself what's called a leg "contusion" which is a fancy word for "Really Nasty Bruise."

Basically, I can't walk too good.

(And please don't ask how on earth I found my leg in confrontation with a 2 x 4.)

I learned something today.

Before my leg became "contused," I was (eschewing false modesty) one of the fastest walkers in Boston. Since my stomping ground is generally rather crowded, I pretty much perfected the art of slipping past lesser mortals, gliding between the slowpokes without losing stride.

Today was different.

After my friend dropped me off as close as possible to the Chapel, I still had what was once a 30 second walk to manage. Disdaining the cane I was given (okay, sucks) I found myself s-l-o-w-l-y inching my way toward my destination, while other people actually frightened me by brushing by me, heck-bent on where they were going. At first I cringed. Then I started to get sputter angrily at the -- well, rudeness of it all.

Finally, I recognized myself.

How many times had I done the same thing? How many times have I, in my "hey, I'm the speed walking queen here" glory caused another to cringe while blithely making my own determined way?

To those of you who have experienced my past -- what word besides rudeness can describe it -- walking behavior, please forgive me. If this leg ever gets back in shape, please God I'll remember my lesson.

Meanwhile...where the bleep's my ice pack? (Or is it time for the heat compress?)