Friday, August 24, 2007

John Mallon to Amnesty International: "What Part of Human Rights Don't You Understand?"

I used to contribute to Amnesty International on a regular basis. For many years. But you know? Periodically, I'd get a wee uneasy feeling about the group, don't ask me why. When that happened, I'd simply call the NYC headquarters and ask straight out: "you guys don't support abortion, do you?" And by gum, each and every time, I'd get the same or similar answer:

"Oh, no!"

Or sometimes:

"Abortion? Has nothing to do with us!"

And then, a year or so ago...

"We haven't yet decided on our position on this issue."

That did it for me. I canceled the auto-deduction from my checking account that very day.

John Mallon, PR guy for Human Life International and contributor to Inside the Vatican magazine, has a word or two about the so-called "human rights" organization.

A snippet (but do read the whole thing):

The claim is that AI is “protecting women” with this move. Rather than focusing resources on making and enforcing laws against rape and other forms of violence against women, especially in wartime and the developing world, AI instead sides with destroying the innocent “products” of sexual violence - not to mention further traumatizing the woman. Once again, life is made easier for criminal men who abuse women.