Tuesday, July 09, 2019

Hey, hey, Mister Shea, know I love you anyway!

Saint Augustine Zhao Rong and Companions

Hey, Mark Shea,

Now what in blue blazes are you up to now? Seems like you got some Catholic folk so all fired up, they're shoving beans up their gosh darn noses, they are!

If I recall, the last time we communicated, it was when that "apologetic" guy -- did I get that right? -- put up some dang fool post on Facebook (silly pastime, when you get right down to it, but helpful...staying in touch with family and all 'n spreadin' the Word) saying you was dead for Heaven's sake! Well, if you recall, I didn't have much truck with that and told him so...ain't heard from him since.

Anyway, what I did was -- and this was 'way before the above incident happened -- I did some finagling with that Facebook thing and made darn sure I wasn't hit by your darn fool (that's just my opinion, Mark...you know no disrespect is intended) barrages against me and my kin (who am I kiddin'? Not kin, 'cept for my husband) who did vote for the President, Donald Trump. I didn't do what they call "unfriend" (silly word, ain't it?) you, no not at all! Just fixed it so I wouldn't be socked every second I went on the app for voting for the man. (Hey, one day let's get together and talk about this guy...or maybe not, if you're not willing. No offense taken.)

So, here's what I'm befuddled about...why in God's green earth are they up in arms agin ya now? 'Course, I could go back and read everything you've written in the past couple years, but man, I've gotta work and you are a prolific writer, ain't you?

Proud o' you for that, by the way.

Anyway, I've been reading that you're:

A. Insane
B. In Need of Prayers (which, while a nice sentiment, is also what folks tend to say when they disagree with a body) :-)
C. A Prophet (well, I pity the fool who said that, sheesh!) :-)
D. Insane (guess I mentioned this before)

So, my friend, I end as I started...what in tarnation are you doing now? You know how to reach me, if you want to.

Meantime? Much love to you and your folks.