Sunday, July 17, 2005

Apologies to commenters...again!

This is just plain weird.

When I installed Haloscan for comments — with Only The Best Intentions — previous comments were evidently banished into occurence for which I dutifully apologized.

Now it looks as though Haloscan has presented a new wrinkle. For the past few days I've been under the impression that nobody's been commenting on my posts. This impression was fortified by the fact that when I looked at the word "comment" under various posts, it is followed this:


I'm no mathematical wizard, but doesn't "0" mean "zero," "nada," "nil," and "goose egg?"

Apparently not on this blog!

Check out, for example (if you don't mind, that is) a post about the Pope's words to terrorists. Okay, doesn't it look like there are ZERO comments? That's what I thought, too, but click on the comments link anyway and — what, ho! — there are several! How was I to know?

To my great distress, I've discovered that good folks have been offering excellent opinions — a big reason why I started this blog in the first place — and I haven't even realized it!

"Hey, Kelly...what do you expect? Help from us?"

Well...kinda. Am I the only one who's seeing the (0) on the comment links? Anybody got any ideas on a fix?

And, what the heck, as long as I'm in an apologetic mode...there's a "link" on the left called "I Was Robbed." The fact that I've labeled it "a must read" is a bit embarrassing doesn't work. Twice, I've asked the Blogger Folk to explain why it doesn't but I haven't heard anything in days now. The code is correct. The other side links work. But the "must read" one doesn't.

Let's see if "I Was Robbed" works from here:

Okay, it does. Well, I'm clueless. Any suggestions would be mucho appreciated.