Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Before hitting "forward," try a prayer instead. Chain letters are EVIL. Period.

I just got another "prayer wheel" email assuring me that if I forwarded it to at least 10 people, or, preferably "everybody in my address book" (duh) that God will indeed answer my prayer.

The implication — or in many cases, the outright statement — that if one doesn't forward said message, God will be Very Angry, or Very Hurt, or something equally as dire.

For Heaven's sake, people (if you don't do this sort of thing, please don't take this personally) STOP IT! What you're doing is making the Devil laugh his evil head off!

Chain letters -- and "prayer wheels" are included in this category regardless of how holy the intent seems to be -- are at best, annoying, but at worst, idolatrous.

Anyone who thinks he can manipulate God's Will by pressing the "forward" button is treading on dangerous -- very dangerous -- territory.

When you get anything in your email box that instructs you to forward it to any number of people, do yourself, and the sender, a big favor.

First, delete the message. Remove the occasion of the sin of susperstition from your eyesight.

Then, say a real prayer. Direct it to God. He's listening, and He doesn't need a computer to get the message.

Update: I just got another one which reminded me of something else that is just plain wrong. God won't grant you your "wish" if you respond to any given email. Try and trust me on this one...God isn't a genie.

Sheesh! ;-)