Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Like a bat out of you know where!


I was in my little sitting room, reading a book (don't ask the title...there's a reason why I don't post a wonderful section called "What I'm Reading Now" on this blog) when all of the sudden a BAT appeared!

It was at least 12 feet wide (okay, maybe a wee bit smaller) and it eerily swooped around me, around my sitting room, into the connecting was horrible!

Bravely, I ran out of the room, shutting the doors (in order to protect the student who lives upstairs with me) and returned with a dust mop. This didn't do much good, I admit, but gamely I tried to cajole the monstrous thing into leaving my house while shouting encouragingly things like "Get lost!" and "Scram!" and what I thought was the foolproof "I'm not kidding!"

(Meanwhile, I tried very hard to shoo away thoughts about how bats get entangled in their prey's hair...and, of course, anything I've ever heard about vampire bats. Good grief.)

My downstairs neighbor, hearing the commotion, obligingly asked if I needed assistance. Shamelessly I shoved the mop at him, slammed the doors, and, yeah, to check and see if my poor student roomer was okay. (I couldn't believe it...she was actually at her desk if nothing out of the ordinary was going on!)

As it turned out, the bat flew out the window. (Who the bleep knew you were supposed to open windows to get rid of bats and by the way, what the bleep are BATS doing in the city???)

I'd like to tie up this episode with some profound theological observation, but none leaps to mind.

Except of course the absolute necessity of praying to my Guardian Angel each and every night!