Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Contest Results

Thanks, everybody.

Before I name the winner, a couple of announcements.

Lee Ann gets the Miss Congeniality Award.

The quote that grabbed me the most was that of non-competitor Julie, who wrote:

"It's an extremely widespread idea that people can make all kinds of inappropriate remarks about the groups they are a part of, without 'technically' offending. It's a sort of `Let he who is of the same sin throw all the stones, but all the rest of y'all back off' thing."

Jim Belna's post is thoughtful, well put, and certainly worth the read. As he said, it was a "different take."

Patrick Coffin! You were doing fine until you went over the limit. That's what the "preview" button is for, as you well know! And never mind appealing to a higher authority!

Now, for the First Runner-Up. As you know, this is a very important, since, if for whatever reason, the Winner is unable to accept the title, it is the First Runner-Up who will assume the award. The First Runner-Up is..................

TSO! Good job, TSO.

And the winner is:

::::::::::drum roll:::::::::::


Thanks to all for participating.