Thursday, August 18, 2005

Saint Jane Frances de Chantal...

...with her spiritual director, Saint Francis de Sales, founded the Visitation Nuns in France is 1610. (Yes, I know this link takes you to Philadelphia!)

The life of Saint Jane Frances is a fascinating and inspiring one. A beautiful woman, a rich baroness, a mother of several children, a young widow, Saint Jane wanted to join a Carmelite monastery after the tragic death of her young husband in a hunting accident.

Her spiritual director, Francis de Sales, had another idea...he urged her to found a new order for women whose circumstances -- primarily age and physical health -- prevented them from acceptance in the religious orders of the day.

Her nearly chronic suffering from spiritual "darkness" did not -- perhaps could not -- keep Saint Jane from productive work and fidelity to God and His Church. Her memorial is celebrated on August 18.

Read more about Saint Jane Frances de Chantel here...with a bonus on a 15-year-old martyr.