Thursday, September 29, 2005

For Catholic parents who don't want their kids to be Catholic...

...we have some consoling words for when those pesky Catholic -- or even Christian -- friends and relatives have difficulties accepting this:

For interfaith couples who have chosen to raise their children within Judaism, problems with regard to not baptizing their children arise because traditions do not die easily. It would not be uncommon, for example, to have a relative, perhaps a grandmother or grandfather, who might be very upset that the baby is not baptized.

Got that? The problem is simply: "traditions do not die easily."

I mean, don't even consider the notion that, perhaps, grandma and/or grandpop might actually, sincerely, (albeit misguidedly) believe that Catholicism is the true faith, or that Jesus (Jesus? Who's that?) is the Messiah, or any of those charming but outmoded "traditions."

The main thing is that We All Get Along. Here. On Earth.

Yes, yes, I understand that the article was allegedly written to reassure folks that unbaptized children aren't necessarily forbidden Heaven.

Actually, I'm not worried about the kids, so much as the parents.

Along, of course, with the author of the piece.

Incidentally, did you catch the scathing, open letter by a minister and a rabbi to Archbishop Sean O'Malley?

Though we are outraged by the treatment of Father Cuenin, we offer our concerns as people of faith appealing to your conscience. Even as you have the power to remove a priest from his parish, you also have the power to reinstate Father Cuenin as pastor of Our Lady's Parish. Walter's integrity, common decency, love of God and humanity can help heal the wound inflicted by this action of the Archdiocese of Boston. Who will repair your reputation if this shameful act of vengeance is permitted to stand?

Talk about chutzpah.

Still, as outrageous as the "letter" is, it isn't really shocking. After all, what do the co-authors know about Catholic doctrine and Her hierarchical structure, other than what their Good Friend the Catholic Priest instructed them?

Kyrie Eleison.