Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Deep, cleansing breaths, people!

From the Newton (Massachusetts) Tab:

Hundreds, perhaps even thousands, of supporters of Rev. Walter Cuenin are expected to march this Sunday on Archbishop Sean O'Malley's residence at the Boston Chancery in protest to the removal of the popular pastor and archdiocesan critic.

Coupla problems here.

One -- duh -- the Archbishop' residence isn't at the Chancery. It's at the rectory of my parish church in the South the opposite end of town. Good planning, folks!

Two? This Sunday, if history repeats itself, thousands will march all right...for several miles. In support of the right of babies to be born. The Cueninites supporters' timing couldn't be worse.

Three: Father Cuenin doesn't want, or doesn't seem to want, all the hoopla, thank-you-very-much. From the same paper (I'm nothing if not lazy in collecting links):

"Nothing is going to change the decision," Cuenin said afterward. He said he was pleased with his parishioners' support, but he did not want to encourage protest against the archdiocese.
(Quick question: if Father Cuenin has so much influence over his former parishioners, why are they disregarding his wishes now? Answer: "Because we don't like them!" To further the point: if Father Cuenin preached Catholic orthodoxy, would he be as popular? Answer: Doubtful.)

Did somebody mention that old nag...the "influential" group once known as "Voice of the Faithful(sic)"?

From the head honcho, Jim Post, in an email letter to anybody who happens to subscribe seriously to such tripe (which is not to dis my source...she's on the list, as most people are, for laughs and to pass the stuff on to lazier people like me):

In Boston, Fr. Walter Cuenin, an outspoken and much-admired priest, has been dismissed as pastor of a parish on trumped up charges of financial impropriety.

Let's be careful, Jim. "Trumped up?" If you were taken seriously, you might get yourself in trouble for your own allegations. As it is, relax. You're not.