Sunday, September 25, 2005

Sometimes they listen?

Just last June, my friend Bill Cotter, among others, got a bit hot under the collar when he learned that, not only was the recently removed Father Walter Cuenin planning to participate in Boston's infamous "Gay Pride Parade," but encouraged his parishioners to do so.

So he wrote Archbishop O'Malley.

He received, in early July, from former interim Archbishop and current Vicar General Richard Lennon this reply.

Bill sent this letter, along with an explanatory note, to Lisa Wangsness of the Boston Globe. I hope she reports it and the paper prints it. As Bill put it:

"The removal of Father Cuenin was years overdue. I hope the archbishop makes it clear that a financial technicality was not the reason that Father Cuenin was removed, lest it seem that his (Father Cuenin's) unwillingness to uphold the moral teachings of the Church is of secondary importance."

Again, please remember to pray for Father Cuenin and his former parishioners.