Wednesday, November 16, 2005

McBrien bestows imprimatur on Benedict XVI papacy

Well, we can all relax.

Father "where's my collar" Richard McBrien tells us the Holy Father is okay in his book.

The Notre Dame prof, who is trying ever so hard to help director Ron Howard (Sheriff Taylor? Would you come wup that son of your'n!) make cinematic sense out of Dan Brown's silly Da Vinci Code, offered his unique assessment of the Holy Father's pontificate to date:

“I have observed little or nothing from my vantage point that would trouble me or other reform-minded Catholics,” McBrien said.

Evidently, he managed to squeeze in a bit of apostasy while grading the papal report card:

McBrien said that there was historical evidence to suggest women were ordained in the very early centuries of Christianity. He also pointed out that there is no express law that prohibits women from receiving the sacrament of Holy Orders.

Source: Herald-Argus News

(Hat tip to Mare Streetpeople)