Monday, November 14, 2005

Show Michael Newdow the (godless) money!

The phrase "In God We Trust" is apparently anathema to Sacramento attorney Michael Newdow, who plans to ask a federal court to remove the phrase from U.S. coin and currency.

You might think that Attorney Newdow is a non-believer. Au contraire!

In fact, Michael Newdrow is a churchman. Yes indeed!

Attorney Newdrow founded the "First Amendment Church of True Science" according to the Associated Press. His church's creed -- 'scuse me, "suggestions" are:

1.) Question
2.) Be honest
3.) Do what's right

Now, every dictionary I've consulted indicates that the word "church" has to do with "worship." The word "worship" indicates that reverence due to a "deity." The word "deity" means — unabiguously — a god or goddess.

So what's Newdrow's beef? He says that the phrase "In God We Trust" violates the religious rights of those who belong to his "church." Indeed, claims Newdrow, it wouldn't be right to take up a collection when the money says "In God We Trust."

I question this, Michael. If you're in a church, you worship, and if you worship, the worship is aimed a deity, and a deity is either a god or goddess.

I ask you to be honest, Michael. You don't have any more of a relationship to a "church" than I have to the Queen of England.

Do what's right, Michael. Cut the crap and admit that you don't want the word "God" anywhere near you or anybody else in the world because you abhor the notion that anybody is the slightest bit greater than you. (I have no way of knowing this for certain,'s just a "suggestion.")

Incidentally...if you really have founded a "church" then I strongly suggest that you avoid the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, if you value your privacy and that very currency whose wording you'd like to eliminate.