Monday, January 09, 2006

Can we PLEASE stop the "gay" label?

Here's the thing. If you proclaim yourself as "gay," you're not telling everybody you're a "happy person."

Same -sex attraction is one thing, and it's probably one of the heaviest crosses one has to bear...especially at a young age.

But "I Am A Gay Person" is some thing else again.

Please realize that I am praying for you, that I understand (and dammit, I DO!) what you're going through.

But give your parishioners a break, Padre. At least, tell them, if you have to, that you suffer from same-sex attraction. If you have to. (By the way, do you have to? I suffer from many temptations and don't feel as if I have to bear my soul to anybody but God...but I guess you and and I differ and I'm not referring to anything to do with homosexuality.)

And let them know that acting on this — in the same way that acting, without the sanctity of matrimony — is NOT a good thing.


Source: KATC