Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Yippeeeee! May 10! God is good!

My Baptismal day is May 10! The Lord was with me on this one. I went to the Archdiocese of Detroit website (I was born in Motown) and saw that parish church I'd been baptized in was gone. However, a church by the same name was evidently alive and well in a Detroit suburb.

(See, my parents, godparents, and husband are all dead, R.I.P., so I couldn't very well ask them!)

Anyway, I telephoned the church and found out, indeed, that it was the same parish. They'd moved years ago.

I spoke to the secretary about the sermon I heard yesterday, and she was amazed and delighted...she didn't know her baptismal date either! After a lengthy but fun conversation, she told me to email the pastor. I did so early this evening...and within an hour I received a response from him, including the name of the priest who baptized me!

Best of all is the parish itself. Ladies and gentlemen, may I present the parish in which I was reborn in Christ Jesus: Saints Cyril & Methodious Parish, Sterling Heights, Michigan. By all means, explore this parish...it's amazing! (You might not see it on the website, but, for example, the secretary tells me folks receive Holy Communion — at a Mass in either Latin, English, or Slovak — while kneeling at an altar rail!)

Notes to self:

#1. Get copy of Baptismal Certificate and frame it as suggested by a cool commenter
#2. Arrange a Mass celebrated for ME on May 10, as suggested by the cool secretary

Forgive me for acting so goofy about this...it's just that I'm very, very grateful.