Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Gettin' to Heaven Meme

The Curt Jester tagged me with this one:

What five things would you ask Jesus should you get to Heaven?


Who are the first five people you'd like to see in Heaven?

I'll take both. Questions for Jesus:

1.) "Uh...this isn't a joke, right?"
2.) "How long did Saint Joseph live after You were born?"
3.) "What was your favorite game as a child?"
4.) "What wine on earth comes closest in quality to the wine you created at Cana?"
5.) "Would Noah really have gotten into much trouble if to bring a pair of mosquitos with him on the ark?"

First five people I'd like to see:

1.) Mary
2.) Joseph
3.) Elizabeth
4.) Abraham
5.) Moses

(What the heck, I figure these folks would be happy to introduce me to other cool people!)

Now I'm tagging Elinor Dashwood, GOP Soccer Mom, and JenB, the Totally Catholic Youth.