Wednesday, January 11, 2006

"Is the Massachusetts Family Institute" named oxymoronically?

The same folks, it appears, who so anxious to "strengthen, protect, and preserve marriage" in the Commonwealth...have, in my opinion, caved.

Newton, MA — — the campaign to allow voters to decide on the definition of marriage in Massachusetts — today announced, along with a bi-partisan group of state legislators, the filing of the Benefits Fairness Act.

The Benefits Fairness Act would ensure that citizens in the Commonwealth who are ineligible for marriage [emphasis mine] are afforded necessary rights, protections, and benefits not currently provided for under Massachusetts law.


Ineligible for marriage? Who might that be? My friend's dog and my own cat come to mind and that's about it, other than human children. Any male and female adult couple are eligible for marriage.

So what's the point of this "act?"

It's a well-meaning but stupidly (in my opinion) conceived sop.

It seems to me that the very people who have worked diligently to at least put the insane, court-mandated notion of same-sex "marriage" to a vote are running scared...scared of seeming to (gasp!) "lack compassion."


The "rights" this "act" is looking to establish are already in existence. If, for example, I wanted to designate my friend Lizzy to act as my health care proxy, I could already do so. If, as an employer, my employee Bruce wanted me to include his pal Barry in his insurance coverage, and I chose to do so, I could do so!

Again. No adult human male and female couple are "ineligible" for marriage. This proposed "act" is absurd.

Give it up, guys. This compromise is so transparent it's an embarrassment.