Monday, January 16, 2006

Pat Buchanan challenges U.S. Bishops

It shouldn't be any news that the confirmation of Judge Sam Alito to the U.S. Supreme Court will most likely happen. Why? Because the Senate is enamored of Alito? Hardly. More than likely, it's because they realize they can't win this war.

And it is a war. But not a real war. No, it's a rhetorical battle...a war of words.

Of course, it's all about abortion.

There's at least a make-believe fear that the confirmation of Alito will quote-deny-women-the-right-to-control-their-own-reproductive-rights-unquote.


Even if Roe is overturned -- and it should be overturned, don't get me wrong -- the "right" to suck a baby bodily out of a womb won't be threatened...that is, if it's the will of the people to retain this so-called "right." Before Roe, abortion in some states was legal. If the decision is overturned, there's no need to believe that it won't remain so. Just one difference: it won't be in the hands of the courts. It'll be in the hands of the people.

And that's what's scaring the pro-aborts to death.

They know -- or at least suspect -- that a vote on the issue will spell disaster for them. They know that their cheerleaders -- NARAL, Planned Parenthood, and the like -- know this too. And so those "leaders" whose primary ambition in life is to keep their jobs, put on, for the benefit of their rah-rah folks, an extraordinary show during the confirmation hearings. In my opinion, they dug their own political graves (to say nothing of embarrassing themselves completely) by doing so.

The people (including media columnists and self-identified "objective journalists") running around trying to stir up hysteria over the "return to the days of back alley butchers" are blowing smoke. If the country is determined to keep abortion legal, it will remain legal. Regardless of what the court says. And that's the elephant in the living room. Nobody on the pro-abort side wants to admit this.

Well, that's my view, which, if you read the subject line, you didn't really count on getting. And I'm sorry about that.

Let's take a look at a Catholic viewpoint from Pat Buchanan...and a challenge to the U.S. Bishops that's well worth the read.