Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Week of prayer for Christian Unity begins today

I met a lady a few months ago and we fell into a casual conversation. The topic ranged from the weather, to current events, to family members. In less than a half an hour, we were chatting away like old friends.

At one point she noticed the Crucifix I was wearing and admired it. Then she asked me if I were a nun, or perhaps a minister.

"Who, me?" I responded. "Nah. Just a Catholic lay woman. You?"

She confided that she was a minister in a Protestant denomination whose name escapes me.

At this, our conversation fell silent for a few minutes. I felt inexplicably sad. Finally, I looked up at her honest, kindly face and asked her:

"Do you think we'll all ever get together sometime?"

She, too, looked sad. And said something I'll never forget:

"Only if we stop focusing on ourselves...and instead focus on Christ."