Sunday, February 12, 2006

Father Gregory Elder: convert, priest, husband

"I joined the priesthood because I want to serve Jesus Christ and his people, and I felt that I could more honestly do it as a Catholic."

Gregory Elder, an Episcopal priest until his conversion to Catholicism in 2003, was ordained a priest yesterday. His application for the priesthood was approved by John Paul II, days before the latter's death. Elder, however, did not learn of this until after Pope Benedict XVI had been elected.

I pray that the Reverend Gregory Elder, newly ordained Catholic priest, receives many graces from God, along with his wife and two sons.

As for whether Catholics should allow priests to marry, Elder said, "I think that discussion is more suitable to be raised among those who were raised Catholic."

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(Just as an aside...I love names like "Father Elder." I was treated, as a child, by an optometrist named "Ivan Doctor." What did it read on his business card?)