Saturday, February 11, 2006

Standing Head: "New England Braces for Snow. Home Depot Reports Shovel Shortage"

Okay, I'm stumped.

It's February. It's New England. A snowstorm is expected.

This is not what I'd call anywhere near, say, the miracle at Lourdes that happened nearly 150 years ago.

I mean, it's February!

And yet, people 'round these parts are acting as if "snow" is some unknown, terrifying phenomenon.

Supermarkets are wiped out. Bottled water is at a premium.

And Home Depot is out of shovels.

My question is simple: what did people do with their snow shovels after the last storm?

Or, even after last winter?

Did they throw them away? Bury them somewhere? Forget where they put them?

And so, once again, I ponder...the Mystery of the Missing Shovels.