Friday, February 10, 2006

Jesus sighed, groaned, cried, got mad

In today's Gospel, (Mark 7:31-37), Jesus sighed (or, in the NAB translation, "groaned") as he looked up to Heaven and then healed the deaf man.

I'm moved, terribly moved, and I'm not quite sure why, by passages like this. The two most poignant words in the Bible, it seems to me, are "Jesus wept."

He wept at the death of Lazarus, raged at the abusers of His Father's House, sobbed in near despair at the fear of abandonment on the Cross.

Like us, Jesus felt things. He knows how we feel. I'm not big on "feelings" but even that claim may be (may be?) falso bravado because of course I do feel things!

God knows that while groping to understand what seems impossible to comprehend, to cope with what seems impossible to handle, I groan (and cry, and get mad, too, and certainly heave many a sigh.)

God certainly does know.

Because God deigned to become like me in all ways but sin, He knows what it's like to groan, to sigh, to get mad.

"Deigned" maybe isn't the right word because it implies "condescended" which sounds (or reads) like a jet-setter deciding on a night of slumming as a lark.

Jesus sighed, groaned, cried, and got mad.

Because He loves me.