Wednesday, February 15, 2006

O, Canada! (Sheesh!)

From LifeSite:

Canada's Largest Catholic Paper Lauds Gay Propoganda Film

To be fair, please read, if you have the chance, both Michael Swan's (rather gushing) review as well as that of John Bentley Mays (both links are at the end of the LifeSite article.) I'm wondering if LifeSite is being a tad rough on Mays.

Then we have:

Canadian Bishops' Twelfth-Grade Moral Textbook "Fails Dismally" to Present Moral Teaching

Dr. [John] Shea, retired doctor and medical consultant for the pro-life group Campaign Life Coalition, reviewed the book In Search of the Good: A Catholic Understanding of Moral Living, written and produced by the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops (CCCB), for the February 2006 issue of Catholic Insight.

“I cannot and would not recommend this book for Grade Twelve students,” Dr. Shea writes. “A significant flaw in this work is its failure adequately to present the moral teaching of the Church (his emphasis) to its intended readers…In particular it is deficient in its instruction about chastity and sexual morality, areas which are so important in this hedonistic age.”

Dr. Shea raises a series of questions about the authors’ use of vague and confusing language in reference to the Church’s moral authority, such as “a church in dialogue” and the Church as a “community of moral deliberation.” He suggests that for a Catholic text, authored by the CCCB, the book presents an alarmingly relativistic approach to moral understanding and the exercise of conscience.

Again, a link for the review is provided at the end of the LifeSite article. On this one, I'd definitely recommend reading the complete review.

(And lest any of my friends in the Northern country think this a "misery loves company" contraire mon frere! This stuff happened to come to me from an orthodox Catholic list moderator...who happens to be a Canadian.)