Thursday, March 02, 2006

7 Prominent Catholics[TM] quit Catholic Charities

The headline mistakenly reads:

"Seven quit charity over policy of bishops...deplore effort to exclude same-sex adoptions"

It ain't the "policy of the bishops." It's Church doctrine. The bishops are simply being...Catholic.

Quitter Geri Denterlein is "sad."

Denterlein said she resigned with deep sadness, because she feels such loyalty to Catholic Charities, which also offers day-care services, immigration assistance, and homeless aid. But she said she could not go along with the bishops' view that gay adoptions are harmful to children. ''We each had to wrestle with our own conscience on this issue," she said.

Huh? No, you didn't. That's the beauty of the Church...She guides you on issues like this so that no "wrestling of conscience" is necessary.

The seven members of the Catholic Charities board who resigned said they pray that the bishops will reconsider.

I think this is backward, isn't it? I pray the seven members will reconsider — not their resignations, but their attitude toward the doctrine of the Church.

Source: The Boston Globe