Thursday, March 02, 2006

Giving parts of Boston College her due

A pro-abort group tried — and succeeded — in holding a "conference" at Boston College.

'Course, they had to lie in order to pull it off. (A pro-abortion group lying? Astounding!)

Knowing they were unable to get their Planned Parenthood reps into the college, the students lied.

They told the school's administration that the "event" was a "College Democrats" function.

When the school's administration found out about the lie, it cancelled the "event."

Unfortunately, an employed sociology professor came to the — you should forgive the term — "rescue", and, lying, got the pro-abort group the space to hold their right to kill "symposium."

I've never been a B.C. cheerleader.

However, in this case, I've gotta give a hat tip to B.C. spokesman Jack Dunn.

''The students from the Women's Health Initiative, in essence, were being duplicitous in trying to sponsor a prochoice event at a Catholic institution," said Jack Dunn, the school spokesman.

I'm sorry about a number of things.

I'm sorry B.C. students like Kristen Lewandowski, for example, is in a snit:

'The prolife students get 'Respect Life Week,' said Kristen Lewandowski, 19, a sophomore who attended the Tuesday night lecture and handed out red and white T-shirts reading ''Pro-Choice." ''We can barely have this panel, which is not a protest, just a discussion. It's very frustrating."

I'm sorrry, too, about sociology professor Charles Derber. Who also lied.

The event, which attracted some 80 students, went on after a sociology professor, hours before the event, requested the campus meeting space for the sociology department.

I'm grateful to God for inspiring some B.C. students:

Still, the antiabortion movement is strong at BC, with at least three groups dedicated to the cause. Last week was dubbed ''Respect Life Week," during which students held a series of antiabortion vigils.

And I ask you to pray for Catholic colleges to be...Catholic.

Source: The Boston Globe