Thursday, March 09, 2006

"Jesus Decoded" website

It's pretty good! Definitely worth a look-see.

It's all part of the U.S. Bishops Catholic Communication Campaign to fight what seems to be — although it's still hard for me to believe but there you are — the incredibly stupid tendency on the part of Catholics, Christians, those of other religious persuasions and those of no religious persuasion to actually swallow the bunk put forth in the novel (repeat: NOVEL!) called "The Da Vinci Code." (Soon to be a major motion picture.)

Even if the book and movie were non-existent, the site would be a useful one. Of particular interest to me is the information about the earliest Councils and the Gnostic gospels.

Handily, the site also offers an area called "Truth be Told: What do you say to to a Da Vinci Code Believer," authored by Amy Welborn.

Here's the link. If you prefer, just skip the intro flash stuff and enter the site via the words "click here."