Thursday, March 09, 2006

Contraceptive crew convenes in Boston. And a priest speaks out...

...and prays out!

Gee. It seems like only yesterday [insert dreaming harp music here] that we were bewailing the lack of condemnation of artificial contraception...and today at Benediction I got a welcome earful.

Although I didn't get it at first.

After the Divine Phrases, the priest — I'm paraphrasing here — added another prayer, asking God to inspire "those intellectual scientists here to advance the Gospel of Life." He followed that request with the Prayer of Saint Francis (appropriately enough, this being Saint Francis Chapel) and an Ave Maria.

In his sermon at the Mass which followed...

...this same priest condemned, in no uncertain terms, the "confusions" that might lead us away from prayer — the theme of today's First and Gospel readings. One of those "confusions?"

"The 'debate' (and you can tell he was putting the word in quotes) over the sanctity of life, taking place right here in this building by these intellectual scientists."

You can see what he was referring to here.