Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Confesssion and confessors: strange priests before you?

Dom's hosting an interesting discussion on the Sacrament of Reconciliation, noting an article that seems to say that, contrary to common wisdom, people are taking advantage of this wonderful gift.

He adds something I found interesting:

I know lots of people who don’t go to confession at their home parish. For some, it’s because the times are inconvenient, but for many it’s because they don’t want Father to know their sins. As fewer and fewer people go to confession, it’s easier for the priests to recognize the individuals, I think.

Me, I prefer if possible to confess to a priest who knows me...for a number of reasons. Number One being, my confessors, simply because they know me, can, I believe, discern the relative seriousness of my sins. Too, they can offer (I think, anyway) pertinent guidance in avoiding occasions of sin, along with the best part, absolution.

The fact that any given priest knows me — is perhaps even a friend of sorts — has never bothered me. I truly believe that he (whoever he is) sees me as a soul to be saved, not Kelly Clark Who Commits Such Sins Sheesh.

As we're in the midst of Holy Week, when confessions (please God) increase, I think this is an interesting topic. So I'm wondering...would you rather confess your sins to Jesus via a priest who knows you or doesn't? Or does it matter?

Hey, as long as I've got you here, please know that you are in my prayers for a blessed Holy Week and a spectacular Easter.