Monday, April 10, 2006

One knee or two?

I'm extraordinarily blessed with the opportunity to spend time adoring Jesus in the exposed Sacrament during the week at Saint Francis Chapel, Boston. Exposition begins following the 12:45 PM Mass, and continues until Benediction at 4:30, just prior to the 4:45 PM Mass.

Upon entering the chapel, I genuflect, kneel in a pew and pray until the priest comes out for the Benediction rites.

Today I'm afraid my eyes wandered...

And — as in the past — I was struck by the beautiful way many worshippers greeted the Exposed Sacrament. They kneel — not just genuflect — and bow for a few seconds before rising and slipping into their pews.

Which do you do...genuflect or kneel? The question really intrigues me.