Friday, April 07, 2006

VOTF(tm) redefines Christ

Funny how just yesterday I blogged on "secular humanism" and called it an oxymoron.

On that note — the moronic one — I give you:

::::::::::drum roll ::::::::::::::

Voice of the Faithful(tm) and its amazingly dumb
"Palm Sunday Vigil for Accountability."

We start, of course, by denying the Divinity of Christ. And put a woman in charge.

"Through dialogue, a foreign woman, moves Christ to change his mind. Her faith opens his heart and mind. Because of her, Christ sees his mission in entirely new terms."

Not content with Sunday's readings, the group takes a truly wonderful piece of the Gospel of Matthew (15:27)...and totally misconstrues it.

Distorting the message further with a bit of character analysis, we proceed.

The Canaanite Women…faithful, persistent, not one of the chosen.
Jesus…open to change
Disciples…protective of Jesus, why?

Then we do our best to totally mangle Salvation History.

Early on in Matthew's [sic] Jesus sees his mission to the Jews alone. But the woman persists and her arguments about the crumbs of Jesus' teaching that have fed her, change Jesus's [sic] outlook.

Who's the hero in this peversion?

Certainly not Jesus. He's "open to change," ostensibly by the persistence of The Woman. They took an incredibly beautiful part of God's Divine Word, for Heaven's sake, and tried to portray Jesus as a girly-guy!

Certainly not the evil, "protective disciples."

Ah...the heroines (modestly) reveal themselves:

VOTF must act out of our combined faithfulness. Then conversion can occur. When we come up against those who will not dialogue, are surrounded by protective disciples, think of the Canaanite woman. Persistence in faith. In this passage, Jesus is revealed as open to change, and being greatly affected by faithfulness.

Listen, o' "Faithful Ones."

1.) Jesus Christ is God. He is not "subject to change."

2.) From Genesis (that's the first Book in the really outta check it out sometime) on, it is clear that the Messiah (that would be Jesus) was always to be the Savior of all nations...not just the Jews.

3.) Kindly stop trying to rewrite Salvation History...or at least wait until you've read about it to give it a go!

If you think I'm making this all up, I don't blame you. Here's the source.

Please pray for these people. Thank you.