Sunday, June 11, 2006

Father Cuenin celebrates perversity

Gee. I'm shocked.

Father "call-me-Walter" Cuenin preached at yesterday's "Gay Pride" worship service in Boston yesterday.

"I told a friend of mine, about a month ago, that I was going to be here today, speaking at the gay pride interfaith service, and she said to me, `What's a Catholic priest doing at a gay pride service?' Cuenin said. "My response was, `Why wouldn't a Catholic priest be here?' In the tradition of my own Christian faith, it seems to me, as I read it, that Jesus was always with those who were often the target of hatred and persecution."

What does this mean? After successfully intervening between with the woman caught in adultery and those ready to stone her, did Jesus advise the lady to go and openly express pride in what she'd done? Get a permit from the Romans, gather a bunch of other adulterers, and stage an "Adultery Pride" parade?

"Hatred and persecution?" Hardly.

I don't know about your state, but here in Massachusetts, gubernatorial candidates are frantically seeking homosexual support. Indiana's Indy Star reports that nationwide, corporations are becoming more and more supportive of "gay pride" events:

In recent years, Anheuser-Busch, PepsiCo, Delta Air Lines, Showtime, Smirnoff, Starbucks, Ford Motor Co., Coca-Cola, Pfizer, United Airlines and Bank of America have sponsored floats or vendor booths at such events.

It's no surprise, I guess, that Father Cuenin chose to celebrate perversity yesterday. But what an opportunity he blew to preach about courage and chastity!

Speaking of which..."gay pride" events were celebrated in numerous places yesterday. Anybody hear anything from the pulpit today about them? I didn't.