Thursday, July 27, 2006

Marie Claire: Pro-abortion magazine inadvertently articulates pro-life message?

In the mailbox from the U.K.:

"An article on abortion features in the August 2006 [UK] issue of Marie Claire magazine. Titled ‘I had an abortion’, it focuses on the stories of 12 women who have had an abortion and are each pictured wearing a t-shirt bearing the same slogan (‘I had an abortion’). Marie Claire magazine recently supported an Abortion Rights event in the House of Commons which called for women to “Speak out and break the silence on abortion...”. It is also worth noting that within the Advice section at the bottom of the page, the contact details of Abortion Rights plus 2 abortion providers (BPAS and Marie Stopes International) are given. There is no reference to a pro-life or other such organisation."

However, some of the women interviewed didn't exactly seem like cheerleaders for the "Abortion Rights" lobby.

Some quotes from the five-page article:

Michelle Ashworth: “As the months went on after the abortion, I couldn’t stop myself from working out how many months pregnant I would have been and even thinking about baby names. I felt horribly empty inside....the termination is still on my mind...I can't even begin to describe how much I regret my decision. It was the worst mistake I ever made."

Elaine Jowsey: “My decision to take that future from that child will be a personal life sentence for me.”

Nadine Can: “I still think about it and I always feel pretty miserable around the anniversary of the termination.”

Linda Eaglesfield: “I turned to alcohol to blot out the sense of bereavement and guilt and, for the next two years, I drank heavily.”

Sarah Fry: “I blame my abortion for my two miscarriages... My termination was a quick fix – I only wish I’d considered how I would feel when it came to not being able to have the babies I do want.”

Carly Bridges: "Nothing can prepare you for how gruesome a medical abortion is and the volume of blood you lose. I was overwhelmed with guilt afterwards.”

(I stopped by a bookstore today and noted that the article was not run in the US edition of Marie Claire, and that the UK August edition was not yet on the shelves.)

An interesting, and, one prays, effective reaction.

The correspondent recommends that, rather than writing the magazine to complain about the evidently heavily pro-abortion article, pro-lifers write letters of commendation to the editor, and to offer congratulations for "highlighting the traumatic psychological and physical consequences of abortion," using some or all of the quotes to illustrate the point.

Sounds like a good idea to me. It may, please God, change some hearts.