Wednesday, July 26, 2006

What's up with Jeb Bush?

Gov. Jeb Bush made his second endorsement of the political season Wednesday: this time blessing the re-election bid of former Senate President Jim King, who is facing a hard-charging primary opponent in anti-abortion activist Randall Terry.

Bush and King have been at odds in past years, but the outgoing governor credited him Wednesday for helping pass new lawsuit limits and education reforms, as well as originally supporting Bush’s attempts to keep brain-damaged Terri Schiavo alive.

King famously broke with Bush last year when Schiavo’s feeding tube was removed, and the Florida Senate refused to have it re-inserted.


This makes no sense to me. Nor does this:

"Randall Terry during that period and afterward made no positive contribution . . . related to Terri Schiavo. None," Bush said. "He was a hindrance in our effort to save this woman’s life."

Bush later explained that Terry’s activism had turned off lawmakers on the fence during the Schiavo debate.

Again...huh? This isn't ancient history. Randall Terry spoke, as far as I remember (and my memory's pretty bleeping good) unambiguously against murdering Mrs. Schiavo. So what if plain talk "turned off" lawmakers like Senator King? Am I getting the picture straight? Terri Schiavo was murdered because Randall Terry "turned off" lawmakers who presumably could have taken steps to feed the woman?

Of course, "education reforms" are so important, aren't they. Sheesh.

Thanks to Bill Cotter, Operation Rescue Boston.