Thursday, August 24, 2006

The Boston Globe: Defenders of Transparency and Diversity!

In a complete U-turn from their proud heritage of "celebrating diversity," Boston Globe employees are displaying over the airwaves a rather mean-spirited attitude toward...New York companies.

A radio ad placed by the Boston Newspaper Guild, which represents over 1,200 Globe employees, flays its parent company -- The New York Times -- calling the publishing icon "an outsider, pushing an unfair labor contract."

“A lot of (Boston-based) companies know to treat workers with dignity and respect. That’s why it’s disappointing that. . .The Boston Globe and its corporate parent, The New York Times, are pushing an unfair contract with employees,” the ad says. “Here in Boston we don’t stand for greedy New York companies, or the Yankees."

And management says good-bye to "transparency"

...Globe management expressed disappointment that the union had decided to take the negotiations public.
“The Newspaper Guild is attempting to bring public pressure to bear on what have been private, and ongoing, labor negotiations. As always, we prefer to confine our comments to the bargaining table and will continue to do so,” said Globe spokesman Al Larkin, in a [non] statement.

New Yorkers are evil and greedy. Private business is nobody else's business.

Consistency...thou art a jewel.