Friday, August 04, 2006

San Francisco cooperates with evil

From Catholic Charities, San Francisco, gushes this press release:

Catholic Charities CYO, in a collaborative effort in conjunction with California Kids Connection, the state-wide adoption exchange provided by non-profit Oakland-based Family Builders By Adoption - and the State Department of Social Services, will expand the State-wide information and referral link for families to support the public county agencies that have responsibility for the welfare of over 82,000 children in out-of-home care.

They're "partnering" with folks who think pervision is cool in rearing children.

We welcome traditional families, single parent families, gay and lesbian families, transracial and multiracial families, and all other families in the nine Bay Area counties in which we are licensed to provide services to prospective adoptive parents.

You know what really fries me?

(Other than the notion that the Archbishop George H. Niederauer is basically saying that Catholic teaching on homosexual parenting isn't worth a bleep, I mean.)

The way the Archdiocese's new, ahem, "partner" creepily separates "traditional families" from those who are made up of different races. This is unquestionably racism at its lowest, and for what? To try and set up some sort of comparison between families headed by a male and female, and perverted "couples" trying to the expense of kids.

Here's a newsflash, "Family Builders:" it isn't working. Your pathetic attempt to toss different race, opposite sex couples with active homosexuals is horrendous.

As is, in my opinion, Archbishop George H. Niederauer's attempt to skirt Church teaching.

Miserere nobis.