Friday, October 06, 2006

"Priestly silence about contraception is deadly..."

As noted below, this Sunday's Gospel readings focus on marriage. Commenter Diane points us to Father Thomas J. Euteneuer's column in Human Life International e-Newsletter of today, October 6. It begins:

The beloved founder of Human Life International, Fr. Paul Marx, was not known to mince words when it came to what he called the "conspiracy of silence" from the pulpits of our Church on the issue of contraception, but his insights of twenty and thirty years ago were right on target and remain true to this day: "Future generations," he said, "will wonder why so many Catholic bishops and priests in the West didn't see contraception as a seminal evil and the chief cause of the Church's swift decline." There is the core issue. Priestly silence about contraception is deadly both to the Church and to our society.

As Diane notes, this article is worth reading by priests...and by laity. So read the whole thing. And do keep up the prayers for priests. Thanks!