Sunday, October 08, 2006

Well, a priest in Dublin spoke well, it appears!

From Brendan (in the comments box) on today's sermon on the readings:

The priest was inspired not only by the readings, but by a legal action currently before the High Court in Ireland.

Two ladies, who got "married" in Canada a few years ago, are currently applying to the High Court to force legal recognition of their "partnership".

The priest (sorry I don't know his name) was very calm, clear and soft-spoken, as he reiterated how Christian marriage is between one man and one woman.

A gift, Brendan. Here in the state where same-sex marriage is, for now, legal, I was "spared" of any such "controversies." My thought is that I didn't pray hard enough.

Anybody else hear anything connected to the readings? Or not?


The Curt Jester heard an excellent sermon!

Listening tot the Gospel today at Mass of Mark 10:2-16 I was reminded me of the same juxtaposition that I had been reading in Matthew 19 recently. Where Jesus teaches about marriage and then transitions immediately to Jesus rebuking the Disciples for not letting the children come to him. This transition brought to me the sin of contraception where deliberately children are prevented from coming to him.Today at Mass our Deacon did the homily and he brought out the same point in a very good homily...

Update again!

From today's sermon by Father Philip Powell, O.P., Texas:

To be clear: we cannot lie about divorce or adultery or fornicator or any sin for that matter. Pretending that sin isn’t sin or renaming sin to hide its ugliness does nothing to the reality of a broken relationship. We might as well conclude that gravity is inconvenient and decide to ignore it. Dropped dishes will still fall. Airplanes will still need speed and thrust to fly. And divorce is impossible not because the Church says so, not even because Jesus say so, but because marriage is a living witness to the most basic hunger we have, the most basic satisfaction we can find: the love of God. Marriage cannot be what it is not. And neither can we.

Let's keep praying.