Friday, November 17, 2006

Cody update: storming Heaven

Cody's aunt sends along another update. As you may recall, Cody was severely injured during a football game last October 20. See here and here. Many of us have been fasting and praying for Cody and his family, and that God's will be done.

From his aunt:

Dear Friends,

I just received some "good news" about my nephew, Cody. This is the first really positive news (except for the fact that he has been stable despite his many complications) that we have received since he was admitted to ICU 3 weeks ago. My brother called me a couple of hours ago to tell me that they have just removed Cody from the respirator. He has opened his eyes a couple of times and they are hopeful that this is "voluntary" and not "reflex". They have 4 doctors watching over him as I write this email to make sure he responds well and can continue to breath on his own. This seems to be a huge step for him and the next 24 hours promises to be very crucial.

I am so grateful that so many of you have been keeping him in prayer and I know that this has much to do with the progress that he has made. I just feel that the saints and guardian angels are surrounding him, his doctors and nurses and his family to keep him going and not letting any of them give up. Our family is starting a Novena to St. Jude tomorrow and would invite any of you to join the novena with your families in your homes. I have attached a couple of websites that explain the novena if you are not familiar with it. It should only take a few minutes a day, but is a powerful prayer to St. Jude, sometimes thought of as the Saint of Desperate Cases, but also the Saint of Hope.

I also add a prayer of Thanksgiving for the progress that Cody has made so far and for all of your prayers.

God bless you all!

Links offered by Cody's aunt:

Saint Jude Novena Explanation

Saint Jude Novena