Thursday, December 14, 2006

Cody continuing: update: 12-14-06

From Cody's Aunt Denise:

Dear Friends,

I want to keep you updated on Cody's progress, to keep him on your minds and to ask for continued prayer. He has now lost 50 lbs. and has suffered a couple more setbacks. This week, while the physical therapists were trying to sit him up to work his muscles, they discovered internal bleeding at the sight of a drainage tube which had been inserted to two weeks ago to drain fluid from around his lungs. They sent him off to surgery and he seems to be doing better since then (everything is relative).

The neurosurgeon gave them the news on Monday that he thought there would be permanent damage to the frontal lobe of his brain. This was the news that we had all hoped and prayed not to hear. We are still very hopeful and are hanging on the words that he (the neurosurgeon) told them at the onset that "nothing is permanent for a year". I really think that with all of our diligent prayers to St. Jude for a miracle, Padre Pio for his intercession and, of course, Our Holy Mother Mary for her intercession that he can still make a nearly full, if not full, recovery. Please continue to keep him and his family in prayer this Advent, as you await the celebration of the arrival of our Lord Jesus on Christmas Day.

God Bless you All and Have a Merry Christmas!!!

You guys know what to do...or continue to do. Thanks!