Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Cody, Super Bowl Sunday, and a request

Looks like Cody is going home, at least for awhile!

From his Aunt Denise:

Dear Friends,

Thank you all for your continued prayers.Cody turns 18 this Sunday (yes, Super Bowl Sunday) He is a great Colts fan and would be delighted to know that they are in the Super Bowl. In fact several of the Colts players were up to see him in the hospital over Christmas. The family has so much support from friends and family there, but our family here feels helpless to do anything but pray for them. I would like to send Cody a "Spiritual Bouquet" for his birthday and would like to include prayers and messages from all of the prayer warriors who have been so diligently praying for him and his family. If you are interested and would like to take just a few moments to jot down a short message of prayer and/or encouragement for them and email it to me, I would love to compile the messages and send it to him for his birthday. I will take the messages that I receive and send them out on Friday, so if you have a couple of minutes before then, I would be delighted to include your prayer/message in the packet.

Their faith has been their rock through all of this. All of your prayers have meant so much to them.

God bless you for your continued prayers!


Cody, while still semi-comatose, is going home prior to further rehab. The doctors think that his familiar surroundings, voices, smells, and noises may encourage his complete awakening. When he is more responsive, he will return to the hospital for more rehabilitation.

To contribute to Cody's "Birthday Spiritual Bouquet" use the "email Kelly" button on your left. I'll forward all messages to Denise.