Thursday, February 01, 2007

A message for you from Cody's Aunt Denise

Cody opened his eyes and looked at his mom today and whispered "mom!!!!!!" Praise God!!! This is the best news that they have had for well over 3 months. They took him home today and all are doing well. It will be a hard road ahead, but their faith and the prayers of hundreds of people have kept them strong.

God bless you for your part in this!



I, too, thank you for the prayers. Keep 'em up, please, and if you haven't sent me a birthday greeting for Cody that I can forward to Denise, please consider doing so. Use the "email Kelly" button on the left. While you can add to the automatic subject line, please leave the words "Lady in the Pew" intact so my filter doesn't try to snatch it away. Thanks!