Monday, April 30, 2007

"That Catholic Show": what do you think?

Rosary Army and Star Quest Production Network launched their new Internet video show today called "That Catholic Show."

"Our goal is to take away some of the mystique and misconceptions people often have with Catholicism," says Greg Willits, co-creator and director of the series. "There are so many fun and interesting things about our faith, and we wanted to present these topics in a way that even non-Christian audiences would appreciate."

Taking a cue from popular cable channels such as Food Network and HGTV, the Willits' have created a show that handles unique topics with a light touch, making them immediately accessible.

The debut show "asks the burning question: `why do Catholics sit, stand, and kneel so much?'"

I know I asked you what you think but I'll tell you my first's cute, it's educational (one would hope, for non-Catholics), and it leaves a little bit out (just my opinion) on the "kneeling part."

Take a peek. It's only a few minutes long and don't miss the post-show credits.

Source: Rosary Army