Friday, May 18, 2007

Not just evil, but stupid: Pro baby death folks on the march

Folks who disapprove of child murder have had, for many years, to work within a "buffer zone" surrounding abortion mills, designed to prevent women contemplating abortion from understanding, or even knowing about, alternatives.

Looks like things are going to get worse for these say nothing of their babies.

The current "buffer zone" is 18 feet. A proposed bill would make it 35 feet and prohibit anybody (other than helpless babies and their "escorts") from entering it.

The current law doesn't work on accounta nobody's been prosecuted for breaking it.

So whines Captain Willian Evans, who came up with an incredible quote for today's Boston Globe:

"The police are like basketball referees out there, watching foot and hand movements to see if there is a violation," he said. "It was such a vague law, we've probably made only five arrests since the legislation went into effect."

Uh...Captain? Maybe nobody broke the bleepin' law!!!

I believe -- I really do -- that somebody's lying.

Evans presented pictures yesterday that he said were of protesters dressed in Boston police uniform. These protesters, he said, peppered the patients with questions and intimidated them.

Bull twanky. I believe Captain Evans, along with his cohorts, are simply p.o.'d that they haven't gotten a single convinction on the current "buffer zone" law, and are frothing at the mouth to imprison some pro-life butt.

Plus there's another problem which I believe irks the bleep out of Evans, the governor, the attorney general, et al.

Women have been known to change their minds and spare the babies.

The pro-baby killing crowd loves to use the word "protesters" and in some ways, they're correct. Some people -- many people -- protest the slaughter of children.

But more than that, these people are out to try and rescue both the babies and their moms. Some do it by trying to get information -- truthful information -- into the hands of those heading toward the slaughter houses. Others do it through prayer, particularly the praying of the Rosary. Still others do it by silent witness.

And sometimes, thanks be to God, it works.

I know many people who, Saturday after Saturday, cooperate with God in defense of life outside these "clinics." And I know that they sometimes succeed.

And that's one real reason behind this proposed legislation.

Here's another:

A handful of protesters demonstrate each day outside the Planned Parenthood clinic on Commonwealth Avenue, say both police and officials of the organization. On the second Saturday of each month, they say, a larger protest takes place. The demonstrators all oppose abortion, Planned Parenthood officials said. [No kidding.] In years past, abortion-rights advocates tried to counter the protests with demonstrations of their own, but that practice has stopped.

Pro-aborts have given up trying to justify, on their own, their peculiar opinion of "rights."

After's a heck of a lot easier to sleep in on Saturdays and let the government do their dirty work for them.

Source: The Boston Globe, May 17 2007