Saturday, June 02, 2007

Meditating on The Holy Trinity

Okay. I admit it. I cannot explain the mystery of the Holy Trinity. Nor do I want to even try. But I do think it's a lovely gift to meditate on the Three Divine Persons in One God.

Somebody must've said this to me, because I'd never have thought of it myself.

The thing is, upon reflection, it seems impossible to deny the rationality of the Trinity. (Bear with me here.) Given the fact that God is Love, how could He be One Person? If God is Love, and He is, then there must be an object of this Love. Love doesn't exist in a vacuum. Love demands an object. And so we have the Object—that Person Who is the Recipient—of this most Perfect Love. Can Love exist without an object of Love? I don't think so. Now what—or Who—binds the Lover from the Loved? There needs to be, again rationally speaking, a connector of sorts. A Spirit. In other words, if God is Love, then why is it all that difficult to believe—not understand, mind you, but believe—in the Most Holy Trinity?

In 15th century, Saint Andrei Rublev painted an icon.

While it depicts the angels who visited Abraham, it is often described as "The Icon of the Old Testament Trinity."
To celebrate Trinity Sunday, I invite you to visit this site and, using Rublev's icon as an aid, reflect on this most wonderful God of ours.

O most Holy Trinity,
Undivided Unity,
Holy God!
Mighty God!

God immortal be adored!